Folder Redirection Walkthrough

I know this isn’t Exchange related, but I ran across a customer that needed a walk through and couldn’t find exactly the walk-through I wanted for him.

First you need a location to put your redirected files

So the first thing we need to do is make a share on the server

  1. Create a new folder
  2. Right click the folder and choose sharing
    1. on the sharing tab choose everyone  – Full.
    2. on the security tab choose Users  – modify
  3. Now verify you can access the location  \\server\share with the client system as the user (not an administrator)

Second you need to create\configure a GPO

  1. Open “Group policy management” (what you don’t have that?? well better get it here)
  2. Right click the domain and choose “Create a GPO in this domain….”
  3. Name it Doc Redirection (or anything you like)
  4. Now Right click -> edit on the new GPO
    1. Expand the User Configuration Node
    2. Expand Policies
    3. Expand Windows Settings.
    4. Expand Folder Redirection.
    5. Select the folder you wish to redirect (in our case Documents), right-click, and choose Properties.
    6. On the Folder tab from the Properties dialog box, select the setting for redirection from the dropdown list:
      • Not configured: Redirection will not occur on this folder; this is the default.
      • Basic: Redirect everyone’s folder to the same location. You can configure the target options associated with this selection. These settings tell Windows where to put the redirected data.
      • Advanced: we aren’t covering this here
      • Target: Create a folder for each user under the root path
    7. Once the destination choices are made, enter the network share path where the data will be redirected, for example \\server\share. (remember the one we created and tested earlier)
    8. on the settings Tab are settings regarding exclusive rights to redirected content and the handling of existing content in the original locationimage
    9. Then, click OK.
      Configure the other folders to be redirected as needed.

Third Force the policy to apply (it will happen on its own but who wants to wait!)

  1. Login to the PC, click start -> run
  2. Type GPUPDATE/Force
  3. Log off
  4. log in
  5. Right click My Documents -> properties (what is the path location? did it change?)

Troubleshooting and notes

  1. When setting permissions don’t set a deny
  2. verify you can get to the share and make a file
  3. run gpresult from a CLI window on the client to make sure the policy is applied
  4. Processes only works for domain users\PCs (obvious but it had to be said)
  5. Always make a new GPO don’t edit the defaults

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