Exchange 2007 installed on 2008 DC cant communicate with 2008 domain controller (itself)

Exchange services will not start if the 2008 server that exchange is on is the only Domain Controller, it MAY start if there is another DC in the environment
Root Cause:
Windows Server 2008 has made TCP/IPv6 the default communication protocol stack over which connections are made by clients connecting to the server that is running Microsoft Exchange. (Exchange is a client of Active Directory)
If you disable or do not configure IPV6 you will have problems communicating with itself.
There are 2 possible solutions to this issue
1. Enable and Configure ipv6 to have a the same address as the IPV4 address Ex  “::FFFF:192.168.x.x”

2. Disable IPV6 and modify local “host” file 

In this step, %SystemRoot% refers to the local hard disk where the Windows system files are located.   

b. Search for the line that contains the term “localhost” by using the CTR+F key combination. 
c. Select the whole line and make it a comment by putting a number sign (#) at the beginning and end of the line. 
d. Press ENTER and, on the next line, type the following lines to provide the TCP/IPv4 address, hostname, and FQDN name for the Exchange server that is running both the Client Access and Mailbox server roles: 
  <TCP/IPv4 address>   <host name of the computer> 
  <TCP/IPv4 address>   <FQDN of the computer> 
e. Click Save, and then close the file. 
f. Reboot the server

This Document explainse the cause root cause but is not targeted to this issue.



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