Issues sending to 2003 mail store

If your having problems sending mail to a particular store user but OWA still works.

You receive an immediate NDR with the following text:
There’s a problem with the recipient’s mailbox. Please try resending this message. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk.

You may have a store corruption issue.

  • To resolve either move users to a new mail store
  • or
  • run isinteg –fix –test alltests on the database (this will require down time)

Another possibility (same solution is that there are too many named properties (look for 9667 events) – in this case you have to move users to another store\database.



2 thoughts on “Issues sending to 2003 mail store

  1. I’m seeing the same error but only when trying to accept a meeting invitation from the 2003 mailbox. I can send all other email items from 2010 mailbox to the 2003 mailbox just fine. Know of any compatibiltiy issues?

  2. does it work with owa? could be the same issue and need to run the isinteg/mailstore move
    also make sure all of you public flolders (including system) are replicated.
    to answer the question there are not compatability issues but rather possible configuration issues… be sure to read throught technet or the deployment advisor

    but none that i am aware of that would cause that other than what is mentioned already.

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