Re-Creating a Linked Mailbox

Ran into this situation recently

Restored a mailbox to a user that was originally a “Linked Mailbox”, So we had a situation where we needed to convert the mailbox to a linked mailbox again.

  1. Here are the steps to take
  2. Disable-Mailbox -Identity User1
  3. Disable the user account in AD where the mailbox resides (this is the one that is missing in the MS KB
  4. Now link with the following

$cred = Get-Credential

Connect-Mailbox -Identity User1 -Database "Mailbox Database" -LinkedDomainController FabrikamDC01 -LinkedMasterAccount -LinkedCredential $cred

MS KB Reference


2 thoughts on “Re-Creating a Linked Mailbox

  1. I think the question to ask is: Is there a way to automate this. I’ve got an import that the link didn’t properly occur. So, I’ve figure out how to do everything except automate the “re” Connect-Mailbox as a linked user?

    • If you have a CSV with the accounts in question you should be able to use import-csv |
      The issue I see is the Get-credential portion….. I’ll have to think on that one, maybe another reader has an idea??

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