More TMG and Exchange Goodness?

I have recieved several questions and comments on the TMG posts, I just wanted to say that they were initaly designed to be a easy “get it working” process.

If you would like more detail or a specific post please let me know and I’ll do more TMG\Exchange goodness.
Usefull sugestions = Tell me how to publish Sharepoint through TMG, or how do I configure OA publishing with integrated auth.
Not so usefull = Yeah man give me more TMG!


2 thoughts on “More TMG and Exchange Goodness?

  1. One thing I would like to see is an after of what each tab looks like on the TMG server for each of the rules. Also perhaps some information on doing CAS farms for load balancing in TMG would be great as well for a lot of people. Hope this helps.

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