Failed Move Request

The queue in ‘Mailbox Database” database already contains a move request for ‘User name’, while AD reports the mailbox as not being moved. It is possible that someone created this move request recently, while targeting a different domain controller, and AD replication did not yet occur. You can examine this move request by running ‘Get-MoveRequestStatistics -MoveRequestQueue ‘Mailbox Database ‘ -MailboxGuid 02egha76-a9e5-430c-brb7-cdegrt15ee1f -IncludeReport | fl’. If you believe this to be an abandoned move request, you can remove it by running ‘Remove-MoveRequest -MoveRequestQueue ‘Mailbox Database’ -MailboxGuid 02egha76-a9e5-430c-brb7-cdegrt15ee1f.


If you had a failed move and now when you try to move the mailbox you get the error above, you can follow the direction in the error to resolve.

remove-MoveRequest -MoveRequestQueue ‘Mailbox Database’ -MailboxGuid 02egha76-a9e5-430c-brb7-cdegrt15ee1f

But if like me you had over 100 mailboxes to do that it it may be a little to tedious, easy fix….

make a new mailbox database and move the all users to it, then delete the one that you couldn’t move to.

One thought on “Failed Move Request

  1. Jedi : Removing 100 entries that have failed their move request is actually easy if you use the Exchange Management Console (GUI) on the 2010 Exchange server. Just go under “Recipient Configuration” “Move Request” Sort all entries in there by status. Highlight the first failed item by clicking on it and then SHIFT click the last and all in between with the status of failed will be selected. Then on the right side of the screen click “remove move request.” Click the yes button in the popup dialog box to confirm. The CLI command is not as much fun (i agree) due to the GUIDs. Hope this helps

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