Users missing from the Offline Address Book


Source:        MSExchangeSA
Event ID:      9359 and 9323

OALGen truncated or dropped properties for entry user, windows in address list ‘\Global Address List’ because they exceeded the configured size limits for the version 4 offline address list.  The affected MAPI ids are:  8c6a 8008. – \Default Offline Address List


Problem is caused by too much data in the AD user properties, in our case there were too many certs associated with the user, another possibility is pictures or 3rd party extensions.

To verify the certs

  1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers
  2. Click –>  View –> Advanced Features
  3. Go the the properties of the user in question
  4. Click on Published Certificates
  5. remove any certificates.
  6. Click OK.

List of MAPI IDs