Configure Send email to Sharepoint on SBS 2011

Update for RTM (thanks Glenn!)

Note this works for the public beta and is subject to change

This assumes that your domain is and WSF is the domain specific to Sharepoint, everything that is RED is a value you need to set

· Configure Address Space in Exchange

New-AcceptedDomain –Domainname –domaintype ExternalRelay –name

· Configure Foreign Connector with drop folder

From PowerShell:

  • Mkdir “C:\Drop Directory\WSF”
  • CACLS “C:\Drop Directory\WSF” /e /p administrator:f %userdomain%\jedidiah_hammond:f “network service”:f
  • New-ForeignConnector -Name “WSF Connector” -AddressSpaces “” -SourceTransportServers “Hub01″,”Hub02″
  • Set-TransportServer Hub01 -RootDropDirectoryPath “C:\Drop Directory
  • Set-ForeignConnector “WSF Connector” -DropDirectory “WSF”

· Configure WSF to use drop folder

  • Start –> All Programs –> MS SP 2010 Prod –> SP 2010 Central Admin
  • System Settings –> Configure incoming e-mail Settings
  • Enable Sites on this server to receive e-mail = yes
  • E-Mail server display address =
  • E-mail Drop Folder = “C:\Drop Directory\WSF”

· Mail enable a WSF document library

  • Browse to site ex: http://companyweb
  • Click on the Document Library you want to mail enable Ex: Shared Documents
  • Click Library in the Ribbon
  • Click Library Settings
  • Under Communications click “Incoming e-mail settings”
  • Click allow this document library to receive e-email
  • Fill out the Email address Field Ex:
  • Click Yes under “Save original email?”
  • Click OK to save

· Create contact for WSF document library

  • New-mailcontact –ExternalEmailaddress “” –name Docs –alias Docs –Firstname WSFFirst –Lastname WSFLast

2 thoughts on “Configure Send email to Sharepoint on SBS 2011

  1. Can’t seem to find out what you mean by this

    •New-ForeignConnector -Name “WSF Connector” -AddressSpaces “” -SourceTransportServers “Hub01″,”Hub02″ –> ( “Hub01″,”Hub02″ )

    What do I have te fill in there. my server is called sbs2011

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