Windows 7 \ Windows 2008 R2 Slow Download

imageOK this is a twilight zone issue.

We had a situation where a 2008 R2 server has very slow download\transfer speeds across a WAN\ Internet on a new server using 2008 R2, if we change the OS its all good and if we do another server its all good.


Troubleshooting steps:

  • We investigated the network looking for issues with switch and routers
  • Disabled all advanced network protocols
    • netsh int tcp show global to view
    • netsh int tcp set global <parameter>=disabled
    • disabled all from NIC properties –> configure
  • various other bang your head on the wall
  • Lots o research
    • Found some info indicating that on the Win 7\R2 Kernel if you have more memory than the OS supports it can cause a related issue.


Remove all memory over what the OS supports: i.e 2008 R2 standard = 32gb/

It sounds totally weird but its true.


14 thoughts on “Windows 7 \ Windows 2008 R2 Slow Download

  1. I have only 4Gb in my server, and it is Happaning also.
    I have 2008R2 on HP 350ML, and when downloading files from computers connected to the network (not only the server but its domain computers) – It downloads very very slow.
    The traffic inside the network is fine, Only downloads from the internet are very very slow.
    I tried to cancel autotuning in the server and the computers – didnt help.
    What can be the problem?

    • this is the case on all computers on your network? any system downloading from the internet? I would look at your router/ISP.

      also any network security software on the computers, you might also try disconnecting all but one system to see if speed improves you could have compromised system sending out data and flooding the wan connection… look for a realy busy port on your switch.

  2. FTP downloads run perfectly.
    http download “save file as ” from the borwser – doesnt work
    windows updates – doesnt work

    It happend only since I changed the domain to the 2008r2 server. With SBS 2003 I had no problems at all.

  3. Make sure you disable all the advanced network functions as part of your troubleshooting…

    ◦netsh int tcp show global to view
    ◦netsh int tcp set global =disabled
    ◦disabled all from NIC properties –> configure

    Autotuning can be a special pain…

  4. Jedi, may I refer to your post and include the solution in my blog We were expecting a very similar problem and your solution was definitely hard to find, yet the only thing we didn’t try before. Finally, it worked!

      • Pechay, as Jedi allowed me on 2012-05-08, I used the information from his post and wrote about how it helped a colleague and myself to solve a very similar problem. So I assume, you just read my blog, not Jedi’s.

        As I don’t have an English version of it, feel free to ask if you need a short translation of an article that is possible related to a problem you’re working on. An online translation service might be helpful, too.

        Jedi, my blog is not a translated version of yours. I’m writing my very own posts. In one of them I’m referring to your information.

        Perhaps I should reconsider writing my blog in English?

  5. We encountered the same error on HP DL 380 G7 systems.

    Thank you for sharing that information!
    We had never ever found that error!

    Kind regards,

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