Mailbox move issues from 2003 to 2010 sp1

When trying to move a mailbox you receive

MapiExceptionNoSupport: IExchangeFastTransferEx.TransferBuffer failed


  • Exchange 2003
  • Migrating to Exchange 2010 SP1
  • You use a product that directly touches your mail boxes (i.e. Enterprise Vault)
  • Moving between 2003 mail stores works
  • Moving to 2010 RTM mail store may also work.
  • Soma mailboxes may move ok but not all.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Ran ISINTEG on the database to look for any logical corruption
  • Tried moving to another mail store before migrating to 2010 SP1


  • Permission on the mailboxes may have been changed by a 3rd party product.
  • Exchange 2010 is more sensitive to proper permission setting on a mailbox


  • Reset the DACL on the mail boxes with the issue
    • Download FPDAVADMIN
    • Install on a workstation
    • Run PFDAVADMIN and connect to the specifc exchange server mailbox
      • File –> Connect –> Select “All Mailboxes” and populate the Exchange and GC names.
      • Expand mailboxes
      • Right click the mailbox with the issue and choose fix folder DACL


    • Try the move again


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