Want to Become an MCM?! Even know what it is?

I am an MCM on Exchange 2010 and 2007 and I just wanted to do a quick promotion of the program.

What is and MCM? In short Microsoft Certified Master is the highest level of technical certification you can get on a Microsoft product. it is NOT “MCITP\MSCE +” it is well above that in terms of technical certification.

From a personal standpoint having the MCM certification goes a long way in singling you out as an expert both with customers and other members of the technical community.
From a business standpoint it can be the difference in who gets a contract and who doesn’t, and goes a long way to instill customer confidence.

I will also say it was one of the hardest yet most rewarding things I have ever done.
What does it take to become a MCM you ask?
Well start with the prerequisite requirements, already being a an exchange expert, add in 3 weeks of your life following in-depth training from the best in the industry (prep family and work for your absence), finally pass both written and practical examination and BAM! your now an MCM Smile

Well I am not the best writer so I will refer you to some resources that can speak to it much better than I.


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