Installing Windows mobile into a VM (With Network Access)


I posted this ages ago and Recently had reason to need it again so here it is

Window Hyper-v
(I have not been able to get networking to work without docking on any other VM software, Tried: ESX 3.5, Vmware Workstation, Vmware Server, MS Virtual Server)
Guest OS Windows XP with all the updates (might work with Vista not tested)

1.       Install Virtual PC 2007 Sp1 in the guest (needed for network connectivity)

a.       Install Integration Components on the VM

b.      Use the Hyper-V synthetic NIC.

2.       Install  Windows Mobile Emulator

3.       Install Windows Mobile 6.1.4 Images

4.       Start WM 6.1.4 Professional

5.       On the mobile emulator

a.       click file

b.      configure

c.       network tab

d.      enable NE200 PCMCIA

e.       select Microsoft Virtual Machine Bus Network Adapter

f.        Click OK


6.       On the windows mobile device

a.       Click Start

b.      Settings

c.       Connections tab

d.      Connections

e.      Advanced Tab

f.        Select Networks

g.       Set Both network to “My Work Network”

7.       If you have DHCP available you now have network access from you emulator in the VM

8.       If DHCP is not available the configure you static IP in the emulator

a.       On the windows mobile device

                                                               i.      Click Start

                                                             ii.      Settings

                                                            iii.      Connections tab

                                                           iv.      Network Cards

                                                             v.      Select NE2000 compatible Ethernet Driver

                                                           vi.      Click Edit

                                                          vii.      Configure IP & Gateway on the IP address Tab

                                                        viii.      Configure DNS on Name servers tab

If you do not have access to Hyper-v or just want to use a different virtualization method you will need to use the “Dock Method”

Guest OS Windows XP with all the updates (might work with Vista not tested)

1.       Replace Step 5 With

a.       Install ActiveSync 4.5 in the XP Guest OS

                                                               i.      Run active Sync

                                                             ii.      Click File

                                                            iii.      Connection Settings

                                                           iv.      Allow Connections to one of the following

                                                             v.      Click the Drop Down Button and change to DMA

                                                           vi.      Click ok


b.      In the XP guest Navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Device Emulator\1.0

c.       Run dvcemumanager.exe

d.      Right click the GUID of your device and select “Cradle”


e.      Active Sync Will now Connect the device to the VM and you will have network connectivity that way


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