Exchange 2013 – Exchange Administration Center “Internet Explorer has stopped working” with IE 10

When you’re using RTM Server 2012 or RTM Windows 8 to manage Exchange 2013 via the Exchange Administration Center you’ll likely get a pup-up saying “Internet Explorer has stopped working”. Regardless of what option you choose IE will restart & you’ll be stuck in an endless loop of crashes, cursing, & possibly keyboard smashing.

It will typically show its ugly face when managing recipients but you may notice sporadic behavior elsewhere too.


To resolve this you’ll need to install this Microsoft Update for IE10 on Server 2012/Win8. After an install & a reboot you should be fine.

This update was actually released in December but I’m mentioning it now because I find myself building quite a few 2013 labs for self-study as well as some classes I’ll likely be teaching over the coming months. In a production environment with access to a Windows Update source this would probably go unnoticed since Windows would get updated automatically.

However, in a lab environment (with no internet access) where you’re using RTM bits for Server 2012 & Windows 8 it can become quite annoying. So I suggest either making this part of your prerequisite install list before installing 2013 or building your own OS images with it included if you plan on building lab/test environments until there are 2012/8 bits available with this fix already included.

Of course you could always just install another browser but that’s just as much of a pain in a lab as installing this KB.

Referenced KB

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS12-077 – Critical

Exchange 2013 Gotchas

Can’t run Tracking Log Explorer : Access Denied


Issue: User is a standard user (not a domain admin) and his RBAC permissions allow him to do message tracking but he is not not an Organization Admin.

  • Running with Exchange PowerShell (get-messagetrackinglog): works
  • Running with ECP: works
  • Running with Tracking Log Explorer : Broken

“Failed to connect to the Microsoft Exchange Transport Log Search service on computer “Exchange_Servername”. Verify that a valid computer name was used and the Microsoft Exchange Transport Log Search service is started on the target computer.” The error message is: Access is denied.”


Reason: EXTra.exe is what is used to run Tracking Log Explorer and it doesn’t use remote PowerShell therefore your permissions are based on  your AD login permissions not RBAC.


    1. Add the users to the “Exchange View-Only Administrators” (2007) or “Public Folder Management” (2010 Green Field) AD Group to be able to use the GUI.
    2. Use Exchange PowerShell or ECP to pull the tracking logs.

Thanks to Andrew and Ron for Figuring this out!

Note: Walkthrough on setting up ECP\ EMS Message tracking access